Agrotek LED Grow Lights

With Agrotek, enter a new era of gardening.

Why switch to LED grow lights ?


Our Commitment

We are commited to offering you the best LED grow lights. Our lamps are designed in France and will give your plants the best light - with energy savings, too.


LED Grow Lights in Use

From small indoor gardens to huge greenhouses, LED grow lights have many advantages.

Grow Boxes

Keep heat and power consumption under control. Enjoy unmatched yields.

Research Facilities

Grow plants, bacteria and algae easily thanks to cutom-tailored light spectrums.

Production Greenhouses

Replace your old Sodium-based lamps with LEDs and instantly save 50 % on your power bill.


Agrotek LED Grow Lights

Learn more about the Agrotek series and pick the right plant for your needs. All Agrotek lamps are full spectrum and can therefore be used for growth and bloom stages.

Agropad ®

With 660W of full spectrum LEDs and the FlowerBoost mode, each panel lights up to 1 square meter.

Le Spot ®

Le Spot can be used by itself or as a complement to the Agropad. Each Spot covers up to 0.4 square meter, for both growth and bloom stages.

WhitePad ®

Water-resistant, noiseless, a white-light LED Grow Light.
The best light for vegetal walls.

Click here to learn more about Agropad and Le Spot. Click here to learn more about WhitePad.


Thousands of enthusiasts and professionals use Agrotek grow lights for their plants. We are also proud to provide panels to some of the finest research facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How difficult is it to switch to LED lighting?
Isn't it more expensive than Sodium lamps?
Why are LED grow lights more efficient?
Is it safer?
They say that 1W of LED is equivalent to 10W of Sodium lamp...
What is the warranty?
Which lamp should be used for growth, which one for bloom?
What if I want to light my plants with pure blue light?

Where can I buy Agrotek LED grow lights ?

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