Agrotek LED
2016 Black Edition

Grow with a French Touch!

Exclusive Design

Discover the brand-new design of the Agrotek lamps. The brushed black casing is not only beautiful and smooth, it is also dust-resistant. Your lamp will stay beautiful for years. Touch it and feel the difference...
But the real game-changers are inside!


The new 2016 panels use our new phosphore COB. The light spectrum remains exactly the same right below the lamp and at the edge of your garden, a feature never seen before with LED grow lights.

New Heat Dissipation

With their new heat dissipation system, Agrotek LEDs are cooler than ever. The COB is only 15°C warmer than the ambient temperature. Hot spots and fire hazard are a thing from the past.

One, two, and counting...

The new Agrotek panels can be daisy-chained. From a single wall plug, power up to 6 Agrotek panels. Simplicity now meets efficiency.